NEW Xbox TV app streams games without a console!

Looking for a new Smart TV? Love gaming? This might be the one for you!


Gamerz WRLD

6/9/2022 2 min read

From June the 30th, you won’t need an Xbox at all to play your favorite Xbox games. Why is this? Well Microsoft has announced a partnership with Samsung to bring the Xbox app to its 2022 lineup of Smart TVs. That means if you buy a new Samsung television, you can play more than a hundred cloud-enabled games on Xbox Game Pass — without the need for an Xbox console.

Even Fortnite without a game pass subscription can be played on the new TVs which is pretty cool!

Playing Xbox games on Samsung’s 2022 Smart TVs will be a seamless experience as it will be similar to using any other streaming app on your TV.So on June 30, access the Xbox app from the Samsung Gaming Hub or Media Hub and log into your existing Microsoft account, connect your favorite Bluetooth controller, even Sony’s DualSense for PlayStation 5. Yep, that means you can play xbox exclusives like Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon with a DualSense now if your into such madness!

“We’re building a platform that can reach billions of players — whether it’s on console, whether it’s on PC, whether it’s through Xbox cloud streaming — where players on any device they want to play on should be able to find the content they want to play,” said Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer said in a post on Xbox official blog. What do you all think of this idea? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re a Game Pass Ultimate member, have a new Samsung 2022 model TV, good internet and a Bluetooth controller then your sorted as you have access to play loads of great cloud-enabled games right away. But what if you don't have a new Samsung TV and want in on the action? Well click the video below to check out why Xbox cloud gaming is coming to every TV very soon!