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Hi, I’m Murray.

I live for gaming, always have & always will. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember, starting off with the Sega Master System (it was the previous gen budget system when the Mega Drive/Genesis and SNES were out which is why i had it! Coins were tight back in the day!) right up to current day with the Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Switch, Stadia, PC you name it, i'll play it. I love all types of games and all platforms which is why I decided to launch my YouTube channel, which is called "Gamerz WRLD", a few years back, which is the best thing I've ever done, & is what is bringing me here today, to launch a gaming news site! Oh Yes!

If you are looking for a gaming site that is really for Gamers by Gamers then your in the right place! This is very early days however we plan to cover the main, most interesting & useful gaming stories/guides here on the site. I will be adding new features like the ability to leave comments in the near future.

So make sure you bookmark this site, head back each day to see whats happening on your lunch or daily commute & if you have any cool ideas why not contact me via the button below or even better join our discord using the social links below to discuss with more like minded Gamers!



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How crazy do these #nyxigaming #joycons look!? How would you rock them, multicoloured or with one RGB colour!? Let me know! And check out my YouTube video on these for 10% off your order if you want to pick some up! Or just use code “GamerzWorld” when you check out at the official nyxi gaming site!  enjoy! #gifted
Cheers! Happy launch day #SniperElite5 ! 🎮 Will you be checking it out today!? @snipereliteofficial @rebelliondevelopments
Did we solve the top secret mission #sniperelite5 !?
Anyone checking out #horizonforbiddenwest today!? Let me know how you are all finishing it so far!? 

#horizonzerodawn #playstation4 #pkaystation5 #playstation
What’s your favourite memory from this classic!? #gtasanandreas 🤘 available right now on Xbox game pass if you want to jump into the remastered version! 

#gta #xbox #xboxseriess #xboxgamepass #gamepassultimate #sanandreas
Love to chill out and fire some #cyberpunk2077 on #stadia ! Runs so well and other than PC I still say this is the best way to experience this game! Which life path did you choose in #cyberpunk !? 

#googlestadia #cloudgaming #cloudgames
Damn we have come a long way! The Series S is such an incredibly small powerful sleek machine! Check the size of the power brick which came with the Xbox 360!? It’s huge!! Anyways I loved my 360! It was my first Xbox and loved playing halo 3, Perfect Dark Zero and modern warfare on it! What’s your favourite Xbox 360 memories!? 

#xbox #xboxseriess #xbox360 #xbox360games #xboxplayers
Quick cheeky game of #bomberman on #stadia ! Did you know you can play this completely for free on google stadia, all you need is a gmail account and your hood to go! Great fun and modern take on a classic game which I loved playing back in the day on the #snes 🤘🎮

#cloudgaming #googlestadia #gaming
Coffee ☕️ time and some #killerinstinct 🎮! What’s your go to fighting game to chill out? 👊 

#xbox #xboxgamer #xboxgamepass #xboxgamepassultimate #xboxonex